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Students Back!

Covid 19 specifics:

  • Upon entering building staff will have temperature checked. 
  • Students and staff will wear masks at all times.
  • Teachers will give mask breaks when students are eating. 
  • At recess, masks will be worn, however, part of recess may be a distanced outside “mask break”
  • Teachers will have one scheduled outdoor mask break in addition to recess each day.
  • Students and staff will wash their hands or hand sanitize every hour.
  •  Students hands will need to be washed/sanitized before and after recess.
  • Desks and tables, chairs, and writing utensils will be wiped down before lunch each day and then again at the end of the day.  
  • Families will not enter the building.  If they need to drop something or someone off or pick up, they will come to the front office window.
  • Students may carry backpacks in order to transport their device and lunch.  No other supplies should be brought to school.  Backpacks will be hung one at a time on every other hook, or on the back of students’ chairs.
  • Students will have their own set of supplies as to limit the classroom supplies that will be shared.
  • Students showing symptoms of Covid 19 will be isolated in a designated room.
  • Teachers and students will only be allowed in parts of the building that pertain to their instructional events.
  • Students will all be assigned a designated device.  This will be utilized all day and wiped down and returned to the cart overnight for charging.  
  • Students will be assigned specific manipulatives that they need for instruction.  After use, these items will be cleaned. Sharing supplies will be limited.
  • Teachers will provide seating charts and line orders.
  • No soft surfaces (pillows, beanbags, etc.) will be utilized by students.

What will the day look like:

General Classroom Layout:

DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) guidance stating that, “Students should be spaced as far apart as possible. 6 feet apart is best; when that is not possible, schools should make efforts to ensure a minimum of 3 feet between students.”. Due to physical limitations of our school building, we will aim for 3 feet of distance, though 6 feet is still preferred. In classrooms with desks, students will be spread out with at least 3 feet of space (preferably 6 feet) between all desks to the maximum extent possible. Students’ desks will be facing the same direction in order to avoid face-to-face interaction. In places where face-to-face interaction (student-to-student or student-to-staff) is unavoidable, students will have their masks. This applies to our kidney tables where small group instruction takes place. In classrooms with tables, attempts will be made to skip seats. Masks will be required. 

  1. Individual students will be able to use the restroom throughout the day and will also be given handwashing opportunities.  

  1. Students will receive specials on their regular schedule.  Specials will have 5 minutes between classes to sanitize.  Specials teachers will see only 1 class in a grade per week to minimize exposure.

  1. Students will transition to and from recess single file in the hallway no more than one classroom at a time.  

  1. 3-5 Students will remain in their classrooms for lunch.  Lunches will be delivered to each classroom by paras. Teachers will supervise student lunch.  K-2 students will eat a grab and go lunch in the classroom.

11:00-11:30 - K

11:40-12:10 - 1st

12:20-12:50 - 2nd

  1. Paras will take over class to allow for a duty free lunch either before or after the regular lunch period.

  1. Students will receive speech, Sped, and ELL services by created student cohorts and will go to those classrooms for services escorted by paras or SPED teachers.  Paraprofessionals will be assigned to classrooms on a daily basis.

  1. In an instructional environment, an important component of any elementary classroom is carpet time. If our class sizes and layouts allow for this space to be maintained in the classroom, it will be used. Students will have stable seating charts on the carpet, will be required to wear masks at the carpet, and will be distanced to the maximum extent possible. If a student is not comfortable coming to the carpet, they will be allowed to remain seated in their desk or at their table within their spot. During independent or collaborative work time, students will either work at their tables/desks or with a partner or small group. Students will always be required to wear a mask indoors.


Bus arrival (main doors): 

  • Students will be dismissed from the bus and checked for masks and that it is worn prior to entering the building.   
  • Upon entering the school, students will report directly to their classrooms and will eat breakfast in their classroom.

Car Riders (back doors): 

  • Car riders will report directly to class and will eat breakfast in their classroom.

Walkers (main doors):  

  • Upon entering the school, students will report directly to their classrooms and will eat breakfast in their classroom. 

Hallway Expectations

  • Classes will move in single file lines on the right side of the hallway on the blue floor tiles.
  • Teachers will walk the line continually to ensure students stay together and respect hallway expectations. 
  • Students will stand on the floor markers to make sure they are following distance procedures and respect all stopping points. 
  • Students will stay with their class at all times.
  • Students will properly distance themselves while in line
  • Students will respect the space of others. 
  • Student voices will be at level zero.

Restroom Procedures

  • Kindergarten students will continue to utilize their classroom restrooms.
  • Restrooms for other classes will be assigned and students will only be allowed to use their assigned restroom.
  • Students needing an unscheduled restroom break must directly check out with the teacher (implement checkout systems) and this must be recorded on a restroom clipboard noting time out/time back, and student name. 

Outdoor/Indoor Recess Expectations

  • Masks will be worn during recess.  (see exceptions above)
  • Students will transition to and from recess single file in the hallway no more than one classroom at a time. Recess will have a time stagger to ensure a time gap for transitions.
    • Students' hands will need to be washed/sanitized before and after recess.
  • Indoor recess: Students will follow their teacher’s instruction for indoor recess but will maintain distance as much as possible. Classes cannot be combined for indoor recess.  Masks MUST be worn.

Dismissal procedure/expectations

  • Teachers will utilize a designated path.  Car riders will be dropped off in the cafeteria and sit socially distanced to wait for their parent.  (Radio in)
  • Bus riders will be taken to the bus and walkers taken to the designated walk area.  
  • During dismissal students will maintain proper distance. 
  • ALL Staff members will be stationed in strategic locations to assist with traffic flow and compliance.
  • Parents will stay in their vehicles. Students will be loaded into their vehicles. 
  • Masks will be worn by staff and students until students are safely in their vehicles.

Fire and Tornado Drills

  • We will do our regularly scheduled drills.
  • Practice at different times for tornado drills.